Over the last couple of years I’ve had the opportunity to work with several friends as the photographer for their wedding. There’s something incredibly significant about being able to come alongside any couple that I get to work with in such a special time in their lives. With friends though, when I’ve had a window into the beginning and the progressing stages of their story, this is heightened even more.

I couldn’t be more excited for my friends Meghan and Timmy and am so honored to be working with them on their wedding day. A lot could be said about the two of them. They’re both incredibly genuine, they care for people well, they approach life and their relationships with integrity and intentionality, and they’re just fun people to be around. And while I could say these things about each of them individually, I’m continually impressed with how they bring out these qualities even more in their togetherness. I love calling them friends and cannot wait to shoot their wedding!

Here are some of my favorites from their engagement shoot that we shot at the Art Institute gardens of Chicago and the areas surrounding.

Art_Institute_Chicago_Engagement_09Art_Institute_Chicago_Engagement_04Art_Institute_Chicago_Engagement_02 Art_Institute_Chicago_Engagement_13Art_Institute_Chicago_Engagement_11Art_Institute_Chicago_Engagement_05Art_Institute_Chicago_Engagement_10 Art_Institute_Chicago_Engagement_03 Art_Institute_Chicago_Engagement_08 Art_Institute_Chicago_Engagement_12Art_Institute_Chicago_Engagement_07Art_Institute_Chicago_Engagement_16Art_Institute_Chicago_Engagement_14Art_Institute_Chicago_Engagement_15