Up until Friday, I would have probably bet big on the fact that Chicago had adopted a new, year round Arctic identity. Thankfully I would have been wrong – the birds chirping outside my window this morning, and the earth below Chicago’s frozen tundra finally showing itself proving otherwise. Megan and Brandon’s engagement session occurred a few weeks back, however, back in the phase when we had lost acquaintance with the sun and it hurt to step outside.

Megan and Brandon were amazing though. You can hardly tell just how cold it was, when in reality, we needed about four warm up sessions in the car every 15 minutes or so just to thaw out before we braced for the next location. I had such an amazing time getting to know the two of them on the shoot. They both have such incredibly kind and fun spirits and their love and care for each other is undeniable. Its getting to work with couples like them that make it such a joy to do what I do as a photographer. I’m so honored to be capturing their wedding later this summer at the Butterfield Country Club in Oak Brook!
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