This engagement post stands as one of my favorites of all time. Sure there’s the fact we had a beautiful day and had the opportunity to shoot it on a sailboat. And yes, it’s of a good looking, fun couple. But even more so than that, it’s a session that I got to shoot of two good friends. Matt and I have lived together the last 3.5 years and in the time he’s become one of my closest friends. And there’s something just cool about photographing friends that you have the sort of history with.

We started off in Belmont Harbor in Chicago, before we boarded Matt’s sailboat and journeyed into Lake Michigan. Despite it being one of the rockier days out on the water, we were able to take advantage of some amazing light, and still managed to get some great shots of the two of them. Just to mix things up and get a unique perspective, I jumped in the water with my waterproof GoPro and snapped some shots of them from there. If you’ve ever used a GoPro, you’ll know that it doesn’t have a screen on the back, which, in our digitial era, adds some mystery to what you’re capturing. Definitely different than shooting with a DSR, but all in all, I’m happy with the results.

If you know Katie and Matt, you know how awesome they are individually, but also, how great they are together. Not many people have the kind of history of friendship they have had prior to their engagement and it’s been a joy to witness first hand how their relationship has developed over these last couple of years. I can’t wait to be capturing their wedding in less than a month!