I’ve been relishing the beautiful weather we’ve had in Chicago over the last 2 weeks and have continued to take advantage of it with a few more engagement sessions before wedding season gets into full swing.

This last session was particularly special because I got to photograph a close friend of mine. Kristen’s been a good friend ever since high school, and in being a good friend, there’s a protective side of me that’s come out whenever a guy was in the picture. However, as I’ve gotten to know Jason, all protective instincts were quickly put to rest as I’ve learned that he’s about as quality as they come. In the few chances I’ve had to spend time with the two of them, I’ve witnessed the depth of love and care for each other. I’ve been impressed by their companionship, and as evidenced by the images below, they just have fun together… and laugh, a lot.

I’m so honored to be capturing their wedding in the fall at Columbus Park Refectory. Kristen and Jason, so happy for the two of you and excited to be a part of your big day!