With the summer winding down and the bulk of wedding season behind me, I spent some time last night looking back on the last few months. It truly has been an amazing summer, filled with so many quality couples that I’ve had the privilege to work with. For that I am so grateful.

I loved the opportunity to capture Jon and Steph’s wedding back at the end of July at the Morton Arboretum. There was just such a beautiful spirit to the day that so honoring to the significance of their wedding. Jon and Steph are both amazing individuals, their love for God and the people in their lives was so evident throughout the day. And their bridal party couldn’t have been more fun to work with. Other highlights of the day included one of the more aggressive bouquet tosses I’ve witnessed and nearly all the guests circling the dance floor arm in arm belting out “Don’t Stop Believing”.

Jon and Steph, happy for the two of you and so grateful you asked me to capture your wedding day!