Earlier this summer, I had the chance to second shoot a wedding down in Nashville with my friend and amazingly talented photographer, Rachel Moore. I don’t get a chance to second shoot much because of how packed summers have been, but the few times I’ve had the opportunity over the last couple of years I’ve loved it. Second shooting gives me a new and fresh perspective on the day and allows me the freedom to think outside the box than what I’d normally do as the primary photographer.

And if you know me, you know that I absolutely love Nashville. The music, the artist culture, the coffee scene, distressed wood and repurposed buildings – all of it’s pretty stellar if you ask me. Beyond all that, I’ve come to discover how much I love Nashville weddings. They have a distinct and charactered vibe that fits incredibly well with my personality and taste. Couple all that with an spectacular outdoor venue like Front Porch Farms and a beautiful and fun couple, and you can’t ask for a much more perfect day. I loved working with Rachel and was so honored to be a part of Bryan and Ashley’s day.

My post doesn’t quite do the day justice in the way that Rachel’s does. You can check out here amazing post of the entire wedding here.