Meghan & Mike | Chicago Botanic Gardens | Glencoe, IL

As I've continued to catch up on a few weddings from last year, I've been anxious to share Meghan and Mike's wedding at the Chicago Botanic Gardens. Their entire wedding day was incredible, from getting ready at the start of day at the Wheeling Westin, to the portraits, ceremony, and reception at the Botanic Gardens. If you've ever been to the Botanic Gardens, you[...]

Megan & Brian's Wedding | Newberry Library | Chicago, IL

2013 was an incredible year. I had the opportunity to work with so many amazing couples, and there are still many weddings to blog and catch up on. I couldn't have closed the year on a more perfect note than Megan and Brian's wedding at Newberry Library. Megan and Brian were so amazing to work with and between them, their bridal party, and their families, their weddi[...]

Front Porch Farms Wedding | Nashville & Charlotte, TN

Earlier this summer, I had the chance to second shoot a wedding down in Nashville with my friend and amazingly talented photographer, Rachel Moore. I don't get a chance to second shoot much because of how packed summers have been, but the few times I've had the opportunity over the last couple of years I've loved it. Second shooting gives me a new and fresh perspe[...]

Bethany & John's Wedding | Summerour Studio | Atlanta, GA

I'm glad I have pictures of this wedding because it's hard to know how to capture the fullness of the day in words. There are so many things about it that made the day truly incredible. As the pictures attest, it was stunningly beautiful. From the picturesque setting at Summerour Studio, to all care that was put into every detail of decor by The Funky Shack, it tr[...]

Jon & Steph's Wedding | Morton Arboretum

With the summer winding down and the bulk of wedding season behind me, I spent some time last night looking back on the last few months. It truly has been an amazing summer, filled with so many quality couples that I've had the privilege to work with. For that I am so grateful. I loved the opportunity to capture Jon and Steph's wedding back at the end of July a[...]

Klay & Kelly's Wedding | Over the Vines Wedding | Edgerton, WI

I've been counting down the days till I've been able to share these images of Klay and Kelly's wedding at Over the Vines farm in Edgerton, WI from last month. It's hard to know what to say about these two. I've known them for a little over a year and they've become such great friends in such a short time. The three of us, along with our friend Ali, had the oppo[...]

Sarah & Andrew's Wedding | Renaissance Hotel | Schaumburg, IL

I had a chance to shoot another seriously incredible wedding earlier this summer at the Renaissance Hotel in Schaumburg. It was such a privilege working with Sarah and Andrew as well as their families. The entire day was filled with so much energy and such a spirit of celebration, culminating in one of the most lively dance floors I've seen in a while. Sarah[...]

Laura & David's Engagement | Downtown Hinsdale, IL

We're a few months into wedding season and I couldn't have asked for a better first half. There have been countless times that I've been overwhelmed with gratitude of the amazing couples I get to work with this year. And to intersect their lives in the midst of such exciting times and memorable days, it's truly an honor. A few weeks back I had the chance to cap[...]

Erica & Quinton's Wedding | Glen Ellyn & Yorktown Westin Wedding

I have truly been blessed to work with some amazing couples this year. And Erica and Quinton are no exception. I had the opportunity to capture their wedding a month back in Glen Ellyn and Yorktown, IL. They both have such genuine, soft spoken, and fun spirits and these qualities were reflected throughout every part of their wedding. The entire day was incredible.[...]

Megan & Brian's Engagement | Lincoln Park | Chicago, IL

Wedding season is underway in Chicago and I continue to have several engagement sessions with couples who I will be shooting their weddings later on in the year. I've often talked about how much I love engagement shoots on my blog. Besides the fact that we have the opportunity to get beautiful shots around Chicago with the flexibility that we're not always afforde[...]

Anna & Micah's Anniversary Session | Fulton Market | Chicago

It's refreshing to work with so many couples who are in love. And while it's easy to be in love on your wedding day, it may be even more refreshing to work with couples who are still in love years after they've gotten married. If you spend just a short time with Anna and Micah, you'll undoubtedly see that this is true for them. For this reason, when we decided to [...]