Brittney & Chris Wedding | Danada House | Wheaton, IL

Looking back on all the weddings I've been blogging and the ones in the cue to still blog, I can't help but just be incredibly grateful for the couples that I get to work with. Brittney and Chris are no exception. It was truly a joy to capture the story of their wedding day last month. The day spoke so much to the type of people that they are. As a couple, they[...]

Annie & Greg Engagement | Lurie Gardens | Chicago Engagement

It's always a special thing when I get to photograph people that I've known for a while. Annie's family and my family go way back to when I was in kindergarten, when all of the kids from our families spent summer days catching bees in glass jars and flattening pennies on the Wheaton train tracks (you can't get in trouble for something you admitted to doing 25 year[...]

Jodi & Jeremy Wedding | Woman's Club of Evanston & Alice Millar Chapel

It was such a pleasure capturing Jodi & Jeremy's wedding several weeks back in Evanston. We started the day at the Orrington Hilton for the getting ready portion of the day before walking over to the beautiful Alice Millar Chapel on Northwestern's campus. From there we had the opportunity to hit some of the picturesque locations on Northwestern's campus, compl[...]

Maergrethe & Dela Engagement | Chicago Botanic Gardens

Maergrethe and Dela are such an amazing couple. They exude so much joy when they are together and their excitement to get married is so evident. All of this makes my job as a photographer easy. Throw in a beautiful location like the Chicago Botanic Gardens and you can't go wrong. Contrary to what much of the Chicago summer has been, we had a perfect day at the [...]

Kenya & Ethiopia Trip with Nuru International

It's hard to believe it's already been 6 weeks since returning from my trip to Kenya and Ethiopia. I remember when I first got back there was a strong part of me that wished I could pause time. That I could process all that needed to be processed. I wished I could extract every rich memory and hide it safely away. Safe from time. Safe from the acclimatization back to [...]

Megan & Brandon Wedding Preview | Butterfield Country Club

Megan and Brandon's wedding last weekend at Butterfield Country Club in Oak Brook was nothing short of incredible. I'm seriously so grateful to work with couples like the two of them. A more extensive post coming soon but in the meantime, here's a sneak peak of their wedding day.

Cat & Mike's Engagement | St. James Farm | Wheaton, IL

I can't say enough about these two. We had the opportunity to do an abbreviated engagement session in winter for their save the dates, successfully pretending it was warmer than it actually was as the first signs of frostbite accumulated on our fingers. And then we waited for the weather to finally cooperate for us to do a full session a couple of weeks back at St[...]

Brittney & Chris Wedding Preview | Danada House | Wheaton

Working with couples like Brittney and Chris always provides confirmation of why I chosen the path that I have in the photography world. Their wedding day was such a reflection to the type of people they are their families, their friends, and the spirit of their wedding day on Saturday affirmed this over and over again. It truly was a joy to capture. It also doesn't h[...]

Kenya & Ethiopia Trip Preview | Nuru International

The amount of travel the first half of this year has entailed has limited the amount that I've been able to keep up with posting to my FB page or blog. I'm excited to get back in the rhythm now that wedding season has gotten rolling. My travel pinnacled in a recent 3-week trip to Kenya and Ethiopia to capture the inspiring work that Nuru International is doing to [...]

Jodi & Jeremy Wedding Preview | Woman's Club of Evanston

Last weekend I had the privilege of capturing Jodi and Jeremy's wedding in Evanston at Alice Millar Chapel and the Woman's Club of Evanston. Such an absolutely beautiful and joy filled day - it was such an honor to capture. I'm still going through many of the images from the day but I couldn't wait to share a few sneak peaks. Excited to share the rest with you all[...]

Megan & Brandon Engagement | Chicago Engagement Photographer

Up until Friday, I would have probably bet big on the fact that Chicago had adopted a new, year round Arctic identity. Thankfully I would have been wrong - the birds chirping outside my window this morning, and the earth below Chicago's frozen tundra finally showing itself proving otherwise. Megan and Brandon's engagement session occurred a few weeks back, however[...]