If you would have told me last winter when Annie & Greg booked me for their October wedding that it would be sunny and 75 on their wedding day, I wouldn’t have believed you. Beyond just the weather though, the entire day was filled with so much beauty. Their wedding captured the true spirit and sacredness of what weddings are about which made it such a joy to be a part of.

Much more to write about and share later, but here’s a sneak peak of some of my favorites from the day. More to come!

St_Charles_Country_Club_Wedding_02St_Charles_Country_Club_Wedding_01St_Charles_Country_Club_Wedding_03St_Charles_Country_Club_Wedding_09St_Charles_Country_Club_Wedding_19St_Charles_Country_Club_Wedding_04 St_Charles_Country_Club_Wedding_07St_Charles_Country_Club_Wedding_10 St_Charles_Country_Club_Wedding_20St_Charles_Country_Club_Wedding_08St_Charles_Country_Club_Wedding_05St_Charles_Country_Club_Wedding_18 St_Charles_Country_Club_Wedding_15St_Charles_Country_Club_Wedding_17St_Charles_Country_Club_Wedding_16