It’s always a special thing when I get to photograph people that I’ve known for a while. Annie’s family and my family go way back to when I was in kindergarten, when all of the kids from our families spent summer days catching bees in glass jars and flattening pennies on the Wheaton train tracks (you can’t get in trouble for something you admitted to doing 25 years ago, right?). I supposed there’s a bond that forms when you risk life and limb on feats like that and our families have been close ever since. And needless to say, when Annie asked me to capture her wedding, I was thrilled.

We began the shoot in Fulton Market. When Annie described the types of locations she wanted to shoot at, I knew just the spot. Being a photographer, a continuous stream of mental notes are made on my daily drives through the city. I had discovered this gratified alley with ivy-ed walls a few days previous and it fit perfectly with what she described wanting. We then contrasted this with a bit more of a manicured look at the Lurie Gardens of Millennium Park.

Annie and Greg, I had such an amazing time with you guys and I’m so excited and honored to be capturing your wedding day!

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