Todd_Jess_Joshua_Tree-001 for site 2 “The true joy in life is not in the grand gesture but in the consecration of the moment.” – Kent Nerburn

I love savoring moments deeply. As I look back on my life, the moments that stick out are not necessarily those that involve some exotic adventure or some grandiose experience. While I love adventure and appreciate exciting experiences as much as the next guy, the moments that I remember are those that I take the time to notice, those that I intentionally experience with the fullness of all of my senses, those that I mark as holy or sacred, those that I consecrate.

It’s this that drives my photographic and creative ventures.

I recently went through the process of rebranding. Beyond the tangible elements most associated with this process (ie. logo, website, etc.), it more accurately represents a practice of determining and articulating identity. What do I want my photography to be about? The funny thing is, the more I thought about this, the more I realized it wasn’t only about the photography. Sure, I want to create incredibly beautiful imagery for couples to cherish for the rest of their lives. That’s a given. But more importantly, I found that my deeper hopes were related to the experience I provided and the extent to which I was able to help facilitate their SAVORING their wedding day. The depth of emotion, the richness of joy, the sacredness of moments.

I want the images that I create to be a reflection of couples engaged fully in the presence of their wedding day.

It took 4 years of grad school for psychology to realize I wanted to be a full time photographer. If you would have told me eight years ago where that transition would have taken me, I wouldn’t have believed you. The experiences and countless amazing couples I’ve had the opportunity to work with have been incredible. And though I’m not practicing as a psychologist, my studies gave me a deep appreciation for authenticity and real moments, which drives much of my creative approach.

My beautiful wife and I (that’s us above!) met shooting a documentary in Spain back in 2014 and our wedding weekend last year was the best weekend of our lives. Marriage has been the greatest gift and it gives me so much joy to share in such an exciting season with couples.

Beyond photography, you’ll find me on the road somewhere, feeling small in the mountains or slowing down next to a campfire in the desert (we might be slightly obsessed with Palm Springs and Joshua Tree National Park :)). It’s in these places with the people I love that I feel most alive. I love a good craft cocktail as much as the next artist (on a quest for the world’s best old fashioned) and I put Siracha on just about anything.

I split my time between Chicago and San Diego, but I’m free to travel for weddings worldwide. I would be so honored to talk with you further about the possibility of capturing your wedding day.