Over the last several weeks I have had the opportunity to travel extensively throughout the state of California.  While the trip was filled with many highlights, one of the few that stands out is a day trip and photo shoot that was able to do with my good friends Steve and Janel in Napa.  This was my first time in Napa and I was completely blown away (in case you can’t tell by the amount of times I said “unbelievable” in the behind the scenes video below) by the lush landscapes and unique architecture.  The vineyards provide such an amazing backdrop for a photo shoot – makes me wish I could utilize them more often!

Steve and Janel just celebrated their 5 year anniversary, and it was so much fun to be able to mark this landmark in their relationship with a photo shoot in such a beautiful location.  Love you guys – thanks so much for such an amazing time!

Here’s a Behind the Scenes video from the shoot, stay tuned for the images from the shoot tomorrow.